A detailed view of jobs and some tips for a successful job career

Job is a person’s role in the public and it is also called work, employment or occupation. A job is often performed regularly in exchange for the money payment. The job’s duration may vary which is a temporary job or lifetime job and work is also known as an activity of a person’s physical or mental effort. This job is typically known as your career and if you are trained for a particular job then you can have a profession.

Most of the people spend their full time for paid employment except peoples with disabilities, retirees, or children who have part-time, homemaker, or volunteer for paid employment. The primary job of children from age of 5 is to study and learn as a student.

Types of job in employment career

The types of job in an employment career is divided into five and it is based on the person’s employment,

  • Part-time and full-time jobs

  • Casual jobs

  • Contract and fixed-term jobs

  • Trainee jobs

  • Piece rate and commission job

In part-time jobs, people work for less than 35 hours per week but they receive the wages according to the time they work. In full-time jobs people will work for 38 hours per week that is a regular basis and the full-time jobs will have long service, parental, compassionate or bereavement, sick, personal, annual, and careers. They will pay you if there is any public holiday in that month as the salary amount is fixed.

Casual jobs come under an irregular basis and they have no sick or annual pay, paid only for the working time, no obligations on work offers, no expectations like promotions in work and there are no obligations like providing the ending employment notice. In some cases, the employees of casual jobs are eligible for parental leave and long