Order of protection

In this article, we will be talking about what is an order of protection stated by the court and what are the types of order of protection that you can receive from the court. Let us start with the basic and try to under what exactly is an order of protection and why is it given to an individual by the court.

What exactly is the order of protection?

Order of protection is an order which is given by the court to the individual against whom the case is charged. The judge, after going through the trials and hearings that were conducted earlier and also after understanding what the witness has to say, will rule out an order. If the individual is proven guilty by all charges, then he or she will not be able to reach out to the person who had issued the case. For example, someone will register for a domestic violence case. The guilty person will be given consequences to face, and the person will be protected by the court and the legal team from the guilty individual.

When and why is the order of protection given to an individual?

An order of protection is given to an individual to limit their control and imposition of behavior over the “victim” (the person who charged the case against them). Since the individual’s behavior is disturbing and is causing harm to the victim or even possibly their child or so, then the judge will issue an order of protection for the victims.

The types of order of protection issued by the judge for the proven guilty individual

There are several types of order of protection which are issued by the judge for the proven guilty individual. An order can be given to the guilty individual for constantly abusing his or her child, and the judge will issue an order of protection for the child and the adult who will be taking care of the child.

If the guilty individual has been interrupting or disturbing your child or their companion such as babysitter while they are together at work or such. Then also, the judge will issue an order of protection for both of the involved individuals.

order of protection

Other scenarios and examples for issuing the order of protection can be categorized as follows:

  • The result of the guilty individual who has been asked to stay away from you can also be told to never contact you. The person will never be able to contact you through any means whether it be email, calls, and social media, or related.
  • Your partner, for example, can be told not to be involved with you or your family again.
What the judge of the court can do in his or her power

The judge of the court is able to first issue the order of protection, as we had mentioned above. Moreover, he or she will be able to decide about child custody, and when will the latter parent will be able to visit their child, and much more. Visit this website for more information about the Order of protection.